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David Luiz axed from Man-United game after training bust-up with boss Conte

The choice to cut out David Luiz could cost Chelsea boss Antonio Conte his job.

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville said late Stamford Bridge history recommends there may be one only winner after the decision to bench David Luiz on Sunday following a training ground fight.

Neville stated: ‘Each coach who has gone up against the players here has gone before long. It is a major call in light of the fact that on the off chance that you go up against these players in the dressing room area, where David Luiz is a major impact, a major character, you can lose at this club. This isn’t the finish of this is just the begin.

‘Conte has won today, however in a little while’s chance if David Luiz is still sat on that seat, each time they surrender a chance, the cameras will flip to David Luiz. It was the same with John Terry.’

Terry was scandalously subbed at half-time by Jose Mourinho amid the game at Manchester City in 2015.

Conte’s beat down with Luiz is the most recent falling out between the boss and a star player at Chelsea. He has already dropped out with Diego Costa and Nemanja Matic, who both left the club.

Neville’s fellow pundit colleague Graeme Souness said it was a gigantic call by Conte.

He stated: ‘You can do it on the off chance that you are in a place of quality. To do what he has done is a to a great degree huge call. The other defender on the seat was (Ethan) Ampadu, who is 17.

‘It’s one serious huge summon and he got with it. They’ve won and that is a suggestion to everybody in that changing area who the manager is.

‘What number of partners does David Luiz have in that changing area? Possibly three or four who might agree with him, and that is the thing that makes the manager helpless.

‘You’re not quite recently dropping out with one player, you’re dropping out with four, five, six — those six could be worth £200million.’

Jamie Carragher, in any case, was brimming with applaud for Conte, as the Sky pundit commended the way this was an uncommon instance of player power control being defeated.

Carragher stated: ‘I’m charmed he escaped with it, enchanted that he has done it. It is excessively now — a coach losing his job since he has lost the dressing room area, in light of the fact that the players have the power. Disregard the players, you are the boss, you pick your team.’

Conte was adamant at full-time, saying the Brazilian could find himself on the sidelines spell unless he figures out how to get on with his partners.

Addressing Sky Sports, the manager stated: ‘Christensen is 22 years of age, he demonstrated incredible identity, for beyond any doubt he is the present and the future for Chelsea, the same for Ampadu.

‘David Luiz needs to work with the others in the event that he should play, else he will remain on the seat or in the stands.’

Conte additionally caused chaos at full time as he decided snub United boss Mourinho handshake.

‘You need me to go and pursue him amidst the pitch?’ Mourinho said. ‘I was there. I shook hands with everyone who was there. I consider one them as his sibling, his assistant(Gianluca Conte), so I feel by shaking the hands of his sibling and alternate aides I did my obligation. I can’t go and raced to pursue him.’

Conte reacted by saying: ‘The handshake isn’t imperative, The only vital thing is winning.’

United are presently eight points behind Manchester City and Mourinho stated: ‘Eight points in the Premier League isn’t the same as eight points in the Portuguese group, La Liga, the Bundesliga. Eight points in the Premier League, there’s still a considerable measure to play for.’

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