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I’m not broke, despite been bankrupt: Tennis Legend Boris Becker rants

He is reputed to have a large amount of debt worth £54million.

However, Boris Becker has reported that it is ‘insane’ to surmise that he is broke and out.

In spite of purportedly earning an income of £100million all through his career, the previous world number one was pronounced bankrupt in June over a £3.3million debt.

However, the three-time Wimbledon champion has demanded that he could, in any case, get his way.

Interviewed by Swiss daily paper, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Mr Becker stated: ‘It’s insane to believe I’m bankrupt’.

‘I have enough national and worldwide deals to acquire a wage that will enable me to pay my staff on time and carry on with my normal life.

‘I’m going to Zurich tonight, I will check-in an hotel and pay my own bill.

‘On the off chance that I was indebted, I couldn’t do that. In the event that I take a taxi, I’ll pay for it. What’s more, trust me, I haven’t stolen a thing.’

‘It’s actually that I have been in bankruptcy since June 21, however it’s wrong that I am down and out,’ he asserted.

The 49-year-old is as yet a standout amongst the most well-known names in the game and highlights intensely as a pundit amid the BBC’s two weeks of the scope of Wimbledon.

After Mr. Becker was announced bankrupt in a London court not long ago, it rapidly turned out to be certain that the tennis star was being pursued by many for millions more.

In any case, amid the meeting, MrBecker was quick to protect his value.

The six-time Grand Slam previous winner stated: ‘My name, my image is more present than they have been for a long time. In case you’re searching for reputation, you employ Boris Becker. Consideration ensured.

‘I have many a great deal of promoting contracts around my work area since organizations have seen: the name Boris Becker is hot.

You can discover a great deal of good promoting trademarks from the most recent four months with a dash of silliness.

Elizabeth Taylor once stated: ‘No news is awful news’. I can’t win Wimbledon consistently, however my business is my image and it’s scorching right at this point.’

Mr. Becker claims that reason he is yet to settle his debts to the banking group was that of a disagreement about his income and interest.

‘The bank is requesting 25 for each penny. said to fall in the range of 3 and 5 for each penny.

Tragically, the bank has been declining to meet me and my legal advisors for over a year to settle the problem,’ he asserted.

‘Rather, they went to an English court, which requested the insolvency. In any case, I’m not broke and out. I would preferably settle the issue today than tomorrow.’

A month ago Becker was rumored issued a parking ticket in the wake of parking his new dark Mercedes in a residential area in London, getting a £160 fine.

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