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Emmanuel Adebayor reveals about family struggles

Emmanuel Adebayor has uncovered he was headed to self-destructive contemplations on account of the path in which his family endeavored to control cash out of him.

The previous Premier League striker has made a huge fortune for himself amid his career, gloating compensation in overabundance of £170,000 every week while at Manchester City and Tottenham.

Having originated from a ruined foundation in the West African nation of Togo, Adebayor’s riches has seen him turn into the provider for his more distant family and that seems to have prompt an entire breakdown in their relationship.

The 33-year-old asserted to have for a long while been itching to lift his family from neediness, however was constrained into a profound sadness after they kept on restricting him regardless of his endeavors.

He disclosed to So Foot: ‘I had a craving for killing myself such a significant number of times. I remained quiet about this for a considerable length of time and years. I am disturbed that things achieved this stage, however I feel mitigated to have discussed it.

‘My football career will be done in three or four years. By differentiate my family name will stay with me – together with these individuals.

‘Things are difficult to endure when you are striving to lift your family our of destitution, yet they are as yet restricted to you. I have dependably told my more youthful siblings that we have been controlled by our families.

‘I frequently change my telephone number with the goal that my family can’t get in touch with me. They call me, not to ask how I am, but rather to request cash. That was the situation after I harmed my hamstring while with Tottenham.

‘They rang me while I was having a sweep to inquire as to whether I could pay a child’s school charges. In any event ask me first how I am before you do this!’

While Adebayor does not name a particular individuals from his family in the meeting, he is known to have a troublesome association with his mom, blaming her as of late as 2014 for reviling him with dark enchantment.

With his frame for Tottenham plunging at the time, Adebayor approached his mom to ‘quit doing juju on me’ and to allow him to sit unbothered after she openly guaranteed he had tossed her out of the family home.

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