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Man United sent staff to pick star player Paul Pogba out of bed after he failed to report for training at Carrington

Manchester United needed to send staff to Paul Pogba’s home to get the club’s £89million record player out of bed, Sportsmail reported.

The 24-year-old had failed to show up at Carrington for a warm-up training session following United’s exciting 3-1 win at Arsenal the past night.

It is was reported that the France midfielder did not react to telephone calls, so the club staff had to dispatched to Pogba’s extravagance home in Hale Barns to awaken him.

The episode, which happened on December 3,is only one example of United’s care team going to extreme lengths to cater for the club’s stars.

In different examples, the  team – which incorporates property managers and officers to encourage dope tests – have even been sent to purchase toothpaste.

Senior players, for example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, club captain Michael Carrick and Ashley Young have turned out to be exasperated by the behavior of their colleagues and other youthful players from the club.

‘Some of them look as though they’re taking the mickey the way they’re request for  things,’ said a source. ‘It makes you think about what would have happen if they ended up at Rochdale or Bury. They would be stuck in a room pondering what to do.’

Pogba return back to the game after a three-match suspension on Wednesday when United suffered a shocking Carabao Cup defeat at Bristol City.

Subsequently, Mourinho criticized the state of mind of some of his players, saying: ‘For a few of us it was only one more day in the office – most likely a day that some of them would prefer even not to go to the office.’

There is no suggestion that Pogba was one of the players Mourinho was refering to, and the previous Juventus star has been painfully missed amid his ban. He will be a key figure as United try to cut Manchester City’s 11-point lead at the highest point of the table over Christmas.

Mourinho’s side just had just six rest days between playing Leicester on Saturday, Burnley on Tuesday, Southampton next Saturday and Everton on New Year’s Day.

Mourinho stated: ‘There is a huge hole between a few clubs and different clubs. There are plainly the ones that are extremely favored, there is clearly another group that is really punished by the decisions of the calendar, and there is another group in the middle. I know I would never be in the top group, but we would like to be in the middle group.
Antonio Valencia is set to miss the Christmas program with hamstring damage.

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