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Formula One star Lewis Hamilton apologise for the inappropriate comments about nephew

Lewis Hamilton has apologized for making “improper” remarks in a video in which he seemed to deride his nephew’s princess dress.

In an Instagram video, which has since been erased, the Formula 1 driver says “young men don’t wear princess dresses”.

He was blasted via social media for the clasp, which was evidently shot on Christmas Day.

The 32-year-old tweeted his “most profound statements of regret”, saying he cherished that his nephew “doesn’t hesitate to convey what needs be”.

The video, posted on his Instagram story, indicates Hamilton addressing the camera before turning it on his young relative.

“I’m so pitiful right at this point. Take a gander at my nephew,” he says.

The camera at that point demonstrates the kid wearing a pink and purple dress, while holding a toy enchantment wand.

‘Extremely not adequate’

Hamilton asks him: “Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is this what you got for Christmas?”

The young man begins giggling as the British Formula One driver proceeds with: “For what reason did you request a princess dress for Christmas? Young men don’t wear princess dresses.”

In light of the video, organizer of hostile to tormenting philanthropy Ditch the Label Liam Hackett tweeted: “Disillusioning to see some individual with such an immense stage utilize it to freely disgrace and endeavor to undermine a little kid.”

In the meantime, Imraan Sathar of separation bolster philanthropy Stay Brave UK, required the driver to be stripped of his MBE.

Hamilton later apologized for his conduct and said it was “extremely not satisfactory” to minimize or generalization anybody.

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