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Tyson Fury returns with a bang after opponent Sefer Seferi with-draw on 4th round

Tyson Fury (Gyspy King) returns to the ring with a win after opponent Sefer Seferi with-draw on 4th round.

Betting odds should have been 1-10,000,000 on Tyson Fury resuming his very-heavyweight career with a victory.

The bookies settled on 1-1,000 and Sefer Seferi – ten inches shorter and more than four and a half stones lighter – had as much chance of beating the gypsy giant as my cat of winning Crufts.

What looked more like one of those politically incorrect dwarf throwing contests once beloved by boozy rugby teams duly progressed from circus clowning at the start to the aged Albanian’s retirement before the start of the fifth round.

That followed the first real onslaught by Fury in the fourth.

It looked a little premature but there was really was no point in this comedy continuing.

Fury had eked out the handful of rounds he needed to begin chiseling away the rust of almost 1,000 inactive days since his epic ending of Wladimir Klitschko’s decade-long reign as unified world heavyweight champion.

Fury is back on the hunt for those belts, currently held by Anthony Joshua, but even he had to admit he needs a more credible opponent next time, which promoter Frank Warren announced will be at Windsor Park, Belfast on August 18.

The more than 10,000 fans in the Manchester Arena and however many were watching will give him a pass on this one after such a lengthy absence and so many trials and tribulations, although they will expect him to accept a sterner test in Northern Ireland.


Round One: Fury 10 – 9 Seferi

Round Two: Fury 10 – 9 Seferi

Round Three: Fury 10 – 9 Seferi

Round Four: Fury 10 – 9  Seferi

Total Round: Fury 40 – 36  Seferi


A win is a win after all – and Fury now has the 26th of his undefeated career – even if the early action was so farcical that referee Phil Edwards warned him to stop show-boating and start fighting.


Once he did, it was all over bar the shouting.

The sound and the fury came to Manchester.

While song queen Taylor Swift was warbling to 60,000 at the Etihad, the Gypsy King was boxing before a somewhat smaller gathering at the Arena.

The prize-ring is a harder taskmaster than the music stage but Fury was expecting an earlier night, given the massive odds in favor of him dispatching an aging Albanian.

One end of the 20,000-seat hall was curtained off but there was still a healthy turn-out of well over 10,000 for the return of Tyson the traveler from his long journey through the wilderness of drugs and depression.

Fury’s public re-emergence had been all smiles and good humor and he looked relaxed and pleased with himself as he carried his huge but partially slimmed down body back into the work place where he says he is at his happiest once more.

The criticism which dogged him for so long after his remarkable dethroning of the long-reigning Klitschko has been tempered by respect for how he has overcome his psychological problems.

Fury’s wife Paris, ten weeks pregnant, arrived early at ringside with two of their four children. Gazza was sat nearby.

They were in time to see another Manchester hero, Terry Flanagan, fail in his attempt to become a two-division world champion.

Turbo Terry self-inflicted cuts to his forehead and right eye with his headlong, bull–rush charges and became too desperate to build upon on an early lead against Maurice Hooker in their bloody battle for the WBO super-lightweight title. There were boos when the scores for a widely differing split decision were announced but the local disappointment quickly gave way to boisterous expectation of Fury’s resurrection.

The quirky sense of humor was still in evidence as this man who lost his license briefly for self-confessed cocaine abuse came into the ring to a refrain about getting high.


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