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West-Ham unveil David Moyes as their new manager

New West Ham boss David Moyes says he ‘there is money to spend if we need it’ after being unveiled at a press conference on Monday.

After Manuel Pellegrini was sacked following the club’s defeat to Leicester City, Moyes was confirmed as the Uruguayan’s replacement on Sunday.

The former Manchester United boss spent seven months in charge of the Hammers between November 2017 and May 2018.  

He inherits a team sat in 17th position and just a point adrift of the relegation zone, but Moyes revealed he won’t rush into the transfer market.

He said: ‘There is money there to spend if we need to. But I’m more interested in the players we have got and moulding them into the best possible team and get results. We have to look to pick up points and move away from the position we are in.’ 

Moyes also hinted he will look to develop the club’s youngsters after being left ‘excited’ by the youth model implemented by Red Bull owned clubs Salzburg and Leipzig.

The Red Bull model, which I went to go and see, excited me,’ he added. ‘If you look at how RB Salzburg, RB Leipzig have done, you would probably say yeah I can see that. The way they’ve used younger players, tried to develop it. There’s a lot to look at.’  

Moyes was asked if he had any grievances with the club’s owners over not being awarded the Hammers job on a full-time basis 19 months ago: ‘No, because things were done correctly – I wasn’t taken on and I was told that,’ he explained.

‘I was disappointed, I’ve said that, but I’ve got another chance to go again.

‘I think it says a lot about the owners, they thought the job I did was good enough to give me another opportunity.

‘This time I’m going to make it so there’s no choice but to renew. There’s a clause in there and I’m going to make it impossible to ignore that, that’s my plan.’  

Moyes’ appointment has been criticised by West Ham fans on social media, but the former Manchester United boss says he is confident of winning them over.

‘What anybody’s getting is a very experienced Premier League manager, I think there’s arguably only two or three more experienced around, and I win,’ he said.

‘I believe I have great experience in the Premier League and my win-percentage and number of wins stack up well against most managers.

‘I am coming here to West Ham initially to get us wins and get away from the bottom of the table. I want a strong, attacking, entertaining team and I hope to bring all those things to the table.’

Moyes previously spent 11 years in charge of Everton, where he build a reputation for building robust but competitive teams on a shoestring budget.

When asked about the style of football he would implement at West Ham, Moyes revealed he has new ideas he wants to implement after spending time out of the game.  

‘There are lots of modern things happening in how the game is played but there have been signs of going back to how we used to play. For example, possession is not seen as a key to winning games.

We all want to see attacking football, action and excitement and the biggest thing I want us to do is excite our fans. I would love West Ham supporters to come away feeling like that after our games.

‘Goals are being scored differently, but things are coming back like passes in behind, which we saw before. The basics will always be there and there are new techniques coming in and I’m looking forward to giving them a go.

‘I’ve been working with UEFA and that’s kept me up to date on what’s happening in football, and I’ve been going to games most weekends and picking up ideas from what is out there.’ 

Moyes also confirmed that Alan Irvine will join him as assistant manager, while he has spoken to Stuart Pearce, but the Hammers legend currently has ‘other commitments’.  

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